Our staff

Igor Cherezov

Igor Cherezov — general director

Prior to establishing DIAS Co. Ltd. in 1995, Igor has obtained a higher degree in Marine Engineering from Odessa State Maritime University specializing in Maritime Transport Management and spent over 15 years gaining experience in different aspects of maritime business. He started his career in a Russian Far East port as a Dispatcher and after accumulating a broad knowledge and qualification by 1994 he worked as a Manager of Agency Department and Survey Department in one of the leading Ukrainian companies engaged in maritime business - Diamant Co. Ltd. But apart from acquiring practical knowledge and skills Igor was also involved in scientific research work – for 4 years he was a Research Engineer with the Black Sea Marine Research Institute. During these years he was contributing to and participating in publishing of “International Shipping” journal, which was widely distributed among shipping companies, ports and marine institutes of the European part of the ex-USSR. Lately, having set up DIAS Co. Ltd., he became an editor and publisher of quarterly newsletter “Black Sea Review”, in which his many articles on various aspects and problems of the maritime business were published. He also contributed to various Ukrainian and foreign publications, such as “Ukrainian Shipping”, “Navigation”, “Ports of Ukraine”, "Lloyds List", “Maritime Consultant and Surveyor” and “Correspondent”. Having taken up a position of a General Director of P&I Correspondents company Igor passed P&I Distance Learning Course at South Tyneside College at Newcastle upon Tyne and in 1997 gained the relevant Certificate in P&I Insurance. In the same year he was elected the President of the Ukrainian Association of Marine Surveyors and Consultants, which post he honorably held for 4 yeas. Two years later he became a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS). Igor is responsible for all aspects in the company. Apart from management he controls finances and oversees handling of all types of claims.

Svetlana Dinova

Svetlana Dinova — financial director

Svetlana has been with DIAS from the very beginning of its activities – since 1995. Prior to that she worked for sometime for Agency Department of “Diamant Co. Ltd.” and about 10 years for Financial Department of Odessa Sea Commercial Port. Svetlana hold a higher Degree in Economics obtained from Odessa Maritime University in 1984. In 1993 following International Experience Exchange Program Svetlana visited France and Spain to get training at Financial Departments of Marseilles and Barcelona ports. As a Financial Director of DIAS Svetlana is responsible for all financial operations of the company and monitors the work of DIAS Accounts Department.

Dmitriy Gololobov

Dmitriy Gololobov — deputy director

Dmitriy has been involved into P&I industry for over 15 years since starting his career in a P&I Department of “Ostra” insurance company in 1991. He joined DIAS right after its foundation in 1995. In 1996-1997 he passed North of England / South Tyneside College’s P&I Distance Learning Course and obtained a Certificate in P&I Insurance. In 1999 he became the Manager of DIAS P&I Department. Besides, being a qualified engineer by education (he holds a diploma of Odessa State Polytechnic Institute) Dmitriy also took charge of a Technical and Surveying Department. In 2001 he gained a diploma of a marine surveyor from the International Institute of Marine Surveyors. In 2004 he entered Odessa National Marine University for secondary education seeking Degree in Law. Sine 2006 he has been a Deputy Director of the company having overall responsibility for P&I, Hull and Machinery, Admiralty, FD&D related work. He deals with all aspects of P&I claims specializing in personal injury and death matters, pollution, fines and stowaways claims.

Elena Trofanyuk

Elena Trofanyuk — claims manager

Elena joined the company in 1996 having gained a higher degree with honours in English, Spanish, French and German from Gorlivka State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. In 1999 Elena passed JICAP Management Training course with the British Council and the UK Club course in Transport Law and Insurance. Being with Dias she also obtained a higher degree in Law from Odessa National Law Academy in 2003. As a Claims Manager Elena is involved in overseeing all Claims Handling Department work and is responsible for all types of claims. She deals specifically with personal injury, loss of life and cargo claims, as well as FD&D matters.

Natalia Daud

natalia daud — claims executive

Natalia joined DIAS in May 2019. Prior to that she worked for sometime in various Ukrainian shipping and trading companies and then for more than 20 years - in V.Ships (Ukraine) Ltd dealing with crew insurance matters and crew medical claims. Natalia holds a higher Degree in Economics obtained from Odessa Maritime University in 1992. She got special training in a couple of surveying companies. She deals with various P&I matters, specifically with personal injury, loss of life and general crew claims as well as a cargo claims

Artyom Nanev

Artyom Nanev — claims executive

Artyom joined the company in October 2005 after half a year training at DIAS P&I Department and graduation from Odessa Maritime University with a higher degree in Maritime Law and he is quickly gaining experience in most aspects of P&I claims related work. Artyom specializes in personal injury and cargo claims. He got special training as a marine surveyor in a couple of surveying companies. He is also concerned with pollution and damage to property claims.

Boris Golodenko

Boris Golodenko — radio expert

Before joining DIAS in 1997 Boris had over 10 years experience as Radioelectronic Engineer (he holds a higher degree in Radioelectronic Engineering obtained from Odessa State Polytechnic Institute in 1983) servicing communication and navigation devices onboard the ships. He successfully passed a number of special courses of marine electronic equipment manufacturers and holds the relevant certificates. His responsibilities include surveys of radio installations on behalf of Classification Societies. Boris also leads a group of engineers providing various technical services in respect of ships’ communication and navigation equipment.

Natalia Sachenko

Natalia Sachenko  — company administrator

2005 - 2010 Odessa State Economic University, a higher Degree in Banking
2006 - 2009 "The Universal Bank for Development and Partnership", senior manager
2010 - 2011 "DIAS Co. Ltd.", company administrator
2011 - 2020 Held positions in private companies working within service and tourism sector.
15.02.2021 - till present: "DIAS Marine Consulting", company administrator.

Elena Nedyukha

Elena Nedyukha — claims executive

Elena joined Claims Handling Department of DIAS Co. Ltd. in January 2004, prior to which she worked for over two years for DIAS Legal Firm as an assistant lawyer. In 2001 she gained a higher degree in Romanic-Germanic Philology and Education from Odessa National University. Her main responsibilities in the company are personal injury claims and coordination and development of Pre-Employment Medical Examinations (PEME) Program.



Education and qualifications:
1996-1999 - Bachelor of English Linguistics, Tula State Pedagogical College (Russia)
1999-2002 - Master of English Linguistics and Literature, Tula State Leo Tolstoy Pedagogical University (Russia).
2005 – 2006 - Master of Economics, Odessa State Ecological University (Ukraine).
2007 – 2010 - Doctorate of the Tula State Leo Tolstoy Pedagogical University (Russia). Thesis Title: Secondary Nomination in English texts. Euphemisms and Dysphemisms. Supervisors: Dr. L. Sapogova
2010 - Doctor of Philological Sciences (American David Livingstone University of Florida)
Employment/Career Summary:
2002-2011 – Professor teaching at the International University Vienna, Odessa Campus.
2002 – 2019 - Professor teaching at the Odessa Christian Open University of Economics and Humanitarian Sciences, Ukraine.
2004 – 2019 - Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Odessa Christian Open University of Economics and Humanitarian Sciences, Ukraine
2017 – present – till present: "DIAS Marine Consulting", translator.


Elena NedyukhaViacheslav Dinov — CLAIMS EXECUTIVE

Dias Marine Consulting 09.2021 - currently Claims handling
Phaeton International S.A. 06.2020 - 08.2021 Chartering department, market analyses, voyage calculations
Aquavita International S.A. 01.2020 - 05.2020 Vessel operations, laytime calculations
Ventus Cloud AG 09.2019 - 12.2019 Cloud technologies, GCE, Kubernetes
Graincom Shipping LLC — Head Of Agency 04.2017 - 09.2019 Managing agency department, meeting and negotiating with business partners, mentoring trainees, communication with parties, resolving problematic cases, correspondence and reporting, co-development of company internal software, company statistics, analysis of market, business trips
Dias Marine Consultancy 07.2018 - 02.2019 P&I correspondent, claims handling
Deneb Maritime Surveyors 04.2018 - 07.2018 Pre-shipment survey, bunker survey, on/off-hire survey, holds condition, draft survey, vessel inspection
Odemara LTD — Boarding Agent 12.2007 - 03.2017 Boarding agent at ports of Yuzhny, Odessa, Chernomorsk. Handling of container ships, bulk carriers, passenger ships, tankers.
Eurochem Shipping LTD — Boarding Agent 06.2007 - 12.2007 Steel shipments, general cargo, mentoring trainees
TeNeT Design Group — Content Manager 09.2005 - 04.2007 Website content management, analyses of content
Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine — Specialist 2000 - 2005 Speciality: Transport Technologies and Systems